Tap Away Food Cravings

Thursday September 5, 2019 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM w/ Jennifer Jackson


Do you…

  • struggle to stick to a diet or healthy eating plan?

  • sabotage yourself when you get close to your goal weight?

  • have out of control food cravings?

  • often eat when you’re not hungry and then feel bad about it?

Is this incredibly FRUSTRATING for you?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, please join Jennifer Jackson for a new Mind-Body workshop: The Missing PEACE to Weight Loss!

In this 90-minute workshop, Jennifer will share how ALL of these struggles are tied to six common programs stored in the subconscious mind. Come learn what these 6 programs are and how to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN so that they no longer hinder your health and weight loss goals.

Please bring to class the food you most crave, and we will DISMANTLE THE CRAVING ON THE SPOT. For best results, PLEASE DO NOT HAVE ANY OF THAT FOOD DURING THE DAY. (It’s best to start with the craving as high as possible.) This technique is easy to learn and gets incredible results! Here is a testimonial from a recent participant:

“WOW! I just finished a tapping session for cravings with Jennifer, and I went from a “10”—as in REALLY, really, really wanting the piece of chocolate in front of me, to ZERO in just a few minutes! I’m thoroughly amazed at how quickly the process worked!

In the past, chocolate has definitely been my weakness. I’m currently on a medical cleanse to regulate my hormones, so it’s extremely helpful to not have the urgent feelings of “needing” to eat chocolate throwing off my wellness goals. I highly recommend trying this for yourself, toward whatever cravings you’re holding onto. What a relief it is to NOT feel this chocolate addiction/attachment anymore.”

--Michelle Paisley Reed


WHEN: Thursday from 6:30 - 8:00 PM

WHERE: Internal Wisdom, 324 S. Lexington Dr., Folsom 95630


About Jennifer Jackson, EFT Practitioner

Jennifer is a graduate from Yale University with a B.A. and M.A. in music.  In her first career, Jennifer spent over twenty years teaching music to children in a variety of settings. Throughout life she cycled in and out of debilitating periods of chronic insomnia and was always looking for the magic cure.

In 2011, following a particularly stressful period in her life coupled with intense insomnia, she found that energy healing was the only thing that worked. She explored hypnotherapy, polarity therapy, and finally EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), where she found true resonance.

Her focus is on helping people release the subconscious blocks that keep unwanted issues locked in place.