Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen (Top 12 foods to buy organic)

With spring and summer fast approaching, the farmer’s markets are making a comeback, and they can be expensive! So what do I really need to buy organic and with which fruits and veggies does it not matter as much?


The general rule is, anything you peel or don’t eat the peel off is free to be bought non- organic because the pesticides have not penetrated through the though skin, but the does not apply for all. Be sure to check the product ID stickers to differentiate between Organic, conventional and GMO produce. In the end, shopping Organic might cost a bit more, but keep in mind that you are funding local farmers, better practices, and most of all your well being. Now I’d say that’s something to invest in.

Also remember not to reject a farmer just because his he doesn’t advertise “organic,” use your words and ask about their practices. Chances are farmers market buys will be fresher, cleaner and supporting your community.


Ben Gamache