How Our Practitioners Stay Feeling Their Best

Rachael Dardano, Owner and Holistic Practitioner

I didn’t have time to be sick!

Working as a genetics consultant and mother of 3 daughters, I was far from my physical prime as I moved to Folsom. The last thing I wanted to do was slow down and lay in bed!

My body though otherwise and completely crashed in 2008. I had been dealing with many symptoms for years, but could never find out what was wrong with me. Neither the conventional MDs that I saw, nor the alternative health practitioners, had an answer or a long-term solution to my complaints.

I needed to find out why my body wasn’t releasing waste and was holding onto fat. I needed to find out why I felt so drained all the time, even after sleeping for hours.

I experienced constipation since I was a young girl. As a teenager, I had terrible bloating, sinus issues, and memory issues. Then as a young woman, I developed fatigue, depression, and perhaps scariest of all, cancer.

Right before my health crash, I was severely stressed at both work and in my marriage, had very painful TMJ problems (sometimes unable to open my mouth for hours), had dark circles under my eyes, and was losing muscle mass.

Then I met a colon hydrotherapist and it changed my life. At first, I was very skeptical and downright afraid, but after the medications stopped working I decided to try anything to provide relief. She began me on my journey towards self-healing with natural supplements and real food.

My body started to function again and found that I felt best on a Paleo-style plan with a focus on organic veggies, fruits, meats, nuts, and seeds. With a whole-food diet and colon hydrotherapy, it felt like my life was starting again.

Fast forward to today…

I now feel better than I ever have before! It has taken discipline and work, but the payoff is HUGE. I have increased energy levels, a healthy and functioning digestive system, greater mental clarity, and a positive outlook on life. Overcoming these challenges helped me realize I can overcome ANYTHING I put my mind to. And so can you! I have found the following approaches vital to my overall wellness:

Holistic healing practices

  • Colon hydrotherapy – as I mentioned earlier, this one saved my life. This amazing therapy cleanses the large intestine of toxic buildup and waste, improves immunity, hydrates the body, and can even help move through deep-seeded emotional blocks.

  •  NES Total Health System – our body is one big electrical field. Optimum health occurs when all cells in the body are signaling at their optimum cellular resonance. This amazing bioenergetic scanning technology identifies distortions in that resonance and corrects imbalances. This system has created the most profound shifts for my emotional and mental wellbeing of all the holistic modalities I have tried.

Food and supplements

  • Blue-green algae – dynamic health benefits including clear thought and high energy. Soon to be offered as a supplement at Internal Wisdom – stay tuned!

  • Paleo style diet – focuses primarily on organic vegetables with a high variety of color in each meal. Come talk to me to find out how we can create a diet specifically for YOU.

  • Avoiding processed foods and anything with more than 5 ingredients on the label.

  • Kombucha! – a delicious way to get probiotics and provide digestive support.

Relaxation and fun!

  • With my driven mindset, this is a BIG one. Learning how to relax, really relax, has been a hard one for me.

  • Floatation therapy – hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt in a quiet, dark, warm, soothing environment? YES. Nothing like pressing the mute button for an hour or two. We have both a float pod and larger float room at Internal Wisdom.

  • Time outside – camping, especially in the mountains, is a perfect “reset” for my busy life.

  • Playing with my 3 teenage daughters – they keep me young and remind me what is truly important in life


  • This one has been one of the bigger blocks that I face. I have always been athletic and my body responds quickly and feels best when I move.

  • I don’t love the gym, so I find Kundalini Yoga and walking outside to be a great way to get my blood pumping. There’s no “one-size- fits-all” exercise program

As a certified holistic health practitioner and colon hydrotherapist, I approach each clients’ unique needs and assess how effectively various systems are functioning based on the signals the body is sending. The body doesn’t lie; we must get out of our own way and let our Internal Wisdom guide us forward.

It takes time to unravel each person’s health situation, and it can take time to restore function to the damage systems. Through dedication to a holistic wellness program that restores body functions, releases emotional traumas and stressors, and above all, balances and resets the energetic body field, I can guide you towards a happier and healthier life.

I look forward to working with you!