Rachael Dardano: Inspiring Individuals Through Conscious Living

“My journey began in childhood. I suffered with constipation and severe allergies which kept me from even going outside without drugging myself for years while growing up. Later in life, eczema on my shins, all over the core of my body and chest interfered with my daily life. I was truly miserable with being constipated, itchy and overweight. As director of a large blood bank at the time, it was embarrassing to have to scratch and itch all the time, sleepy from antihistamines and the constipation was also making me bloated, uncomfortable and completely stressed out. I was having difficulties remembering names and simple stuff just seemed to either make me cry or totally upset.

Thankfully in 2006, I was introduced to cleansing through colon therapy. During my cleansing journey, I lost over 45 pounds by 2007 through cleaning up my gut, nutritional supplementation and stress management techniques; I am now a new person! I was so inspired by the changes I had with my health, and even though I had a successful career in clinical laboratory work, I decided to return to a new kind of education, one that focused on wellness rather than sickness. I have now made it my life’s work to assist others in ending their suffering and getting back to a life they love…

I work with people and families who are looking to make changes in their life. My ideal clients are overwhelmed and exhausted who are often stopped from doing the things in their life that they wish they could do because of digestive pain, discomfort, bloating, or fear. People that are interested in learning more about digestive issues, interested in the connection that the gut has with allergy and skin issues, people interested in whole food eating and stress reduction services and programs. We offer individual treatments as well as 3, 5 and 7 day intensive detoxification programs. Individual and group nutritional programs and classes are available.

I am a Certified Colon Therapist and AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) Certified Health Coach. I conduct seminars, workshops, trainings as well as individual sessions. I work step by step with you and your health care provider to clean up your digestion, rebuild your gut and ultimately make the connection that the foods we eat affect how we feel. Through carefully listening and powerful insight, our programs support people to become empowered to create a thriving healthy lifestyle. Whether your goals include weight loss, reversing chronic conditions, or improving your self-connection and connections with others, Internal Wisdom is THE place to come for help.

I absolutely LOVE surprising people on how healthy food can taste great!! I have been told how inspiring and motivating I am when I coach! I have spent the majority of my professional life teaching physicians all over the West Coast on the latest clinical diagnostic testings available for diagnosis of disease state. Over the past 5 years, I have helped individuals with IBS, unexplained pain, allergies, migraines, skin issues, as well as constipation. Through guided elimination diets, weight-loss plans, colon therapy and utilizing a variety of methods such as relaxation techniques and breathing I help people get unstuck what is stuck in their life.”

Education: Certified Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition (2012) Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, International School of Colon Hydrotherapy, Cathy Shea, Florida (2010) Bachelors of Science, Business Administration, University of Phoenix (1996) Reiki Practitioner II (2009/2014), and Aroma Touch Therapist (2013)

Most popular short talks: The Sugar Blues, The Pros of Probiotics, You Are What You Eat, Breathing Simplified Stress Management, Gluten Free Living, Enzymes, How do they work? My gut hurts!! Eating Right for you!

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