Keeping My Body Feeling GOOD

Taking care of my body is one of the most important aspects in my life. But it wasn’t always that way. It took hard work and discipline to make holistic wellness part of my lifestyle.

Growing up, I played many sports, including baseball, basketball, gymnastics, and swimming. Truth be told, while I was naturally athletic, I didn’t enjoy sports. I couldn’t find the competitive drive to truly excel and often found myself drawn to more individualized sports. I now understand my reservations were surrounded by deeper fears of being perceived as weak. Struggling with my sexuality, I did whatever necessary to avoid situations in which I might be “discovered.” And that included sports. More on that in my next post.

Once in college, I was no longer expected to participate and compete. I loved it! But as I started eating and drinking whatever I wanted (dorm food is not the bounty of health food one might expect), exercising less, and seeing my teenage metabolism slow down, I was hit with a cold, hard truth – I was getting fat. At 5’10” and 190, I was 20 pounds heavier than I’d ever been. While the weight gain brought on a whole slew of self-confidence issues, it was the fatigue, mental fog, and digestive issues that really woke me up to my current state. After 3 years of feeling sluggish and numbed out, It was time to make a change.

Working at Internal Wisdom has lead me to the healthiest I’ve ever been by understanding that it’s ALL related – the body, the mind, the emotions, and the spirit. I now have a holistic regimen that works with my schedule, can be adapted when life gets busy, and keeps me feeling GOOD:


Nothing makes me feel better or sets my week off right than a good sweat and an elevated heart rate. I try to exercise at least 3x/week, but I prefer 5 if possible.

  • Yoga

    • My favorite way to start the week! I love Stacy Whittingham’s class at Leap Yoga. This is the perfect blend of physicality with breath work. It is all about unity with yourself and honoring all aspects of who you are – body, mind, and spirit.

    • I’ve found that yoga spills over into all aspects of my life, and has even made me a better weight lifter!

  • Weight lifting

    • The gym can be a daunting environment, especially if you’re new to the world of free weights and machines. My best advice – ask for help! Staff, trainers, and even your fellow gym-goers are often more than willing to offer advice and support.

    • Remember, EVERYONE was a beginner at one point. So, start with low weights and make sure your form is perfect. It isn’t about the amount of weight you lift, it is about control and proper body movement.

  • Time outdoors

    • Studies show that people are more motivated and exercise longer when they do so outdoors. There is variety and more complex movements than you’ll find indoors in a controlled environment. Get that vitamin D and reconnect with nature! Even a 20-minute walk will refresh you and get that blood moving.


Diet is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect to optimal health and getting the body you want. At Internal Wisdom, we believe that food is medicine and we begin with diet as the primary foundation of health.

  • Need support?

    • Book a consultation with Rachael Dardano and get the support and guidance you need for a diet that fits your lifestyle. It’s all about small tweaks, over time, to create lasting change.

  • Eat those fats

    • Healthy fats, like those found in avocados, olive oils, fish, and nuts, help you feel satisfied, support brain and nerve health, and help you towards your goal.

  • Lean protein

    • I love incorporating lean proteins in every meal – organic Greek yogurt, fish, turkey, chicken (always free range and organic), and hemp hearts are great ways to get that macro.

  • Eat regularly

    • I start with a healthy and hearty breakfast (see smoothie recipe below) and make sure to eat every 3-4 hours. Make sure to stop eating at least 2-4 hours before going to bed.

    • Superfood Berry Smoothie (all organic ingredients)

      • Handful of super greens (blend with water first)

      • 1 cup fruit (usually banana and/or berries)

      • 2 tbsp hemp hearts

      • 2 tbsp chia seeds

      • 1 tsp Lacuma/mesquite/maca powder (depends on flavor I want)

      • ½ cup greek yogurt

      • 1 scoop Orgain protein powder

      • Almond milk until you have the right consistency


  • NES Health Bioenergetics

    • This system is remarkable! It picks up distortions in your body field and gives a complete reading on aspects like physiology, energetics, and emotional state.

    • This is the primary system that has helped my emotional and physical state and is SO EASY to incorporate into your daily routine while still being so powerful.

    • Ask us about the Feel Goods!

  • Adaptogens

    • Herbs like ashwaganda, rhodiola, eleuthero, maca, and turmeric provide incredible nutritive and anti-inflammatory support.

    • These herbs help mitigate the body’s stress response during times of upheaval.

  • Probiotics

Therapeutic Services

  • Full-spectrum infrared sauna

    • This type of sauna is significantly cooler and 6x as effective as a typical sauna.

  • Colon hydrotherapy

    • A full digestive reset and cleanse, I find numerous health benefits including improved immunity, healthier digestive response, and clearer mental clarity.

Here at Internal Wisdom, our mission is to help people find relief and feel good again, with self-love leading every step of the way. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and see how we can support you along your journey to optimal health and vitality!

We look forward to supporting you,