Meet Your Practitioner- Part 5

Mina Kumar, Colon Hydrotherapist and Esthetician

How did I find myself on this particular path?

People ask me all the time, “How did you get into this unusual type of work?” As strange as it sounds I absolutely love what I do! In 2004, I was lead out of corporate America. For 24 years I worked in banks and credit unions. I had a highly stressful life – trying to manage a demanding job as a single mother of two children was quite the juggle.

Mentally, I lost my identity in the world and felt very insecure. Physically, I suffered from candida, IBS, constipation, and bladder infections regularly. Emotionally, I was a wreck. Spiritually, I was lost and seeking truth and questioning, “Why me?”

In the process of trying to control, manage, and balance life, my life fell apart and I lost the battle. I surrendered to Divine Will and my journey to self-healing began.

Colon Hydrotherapy came to me on my path to wellness. I was introduced to colonics at a hair salon where I was getting my hair done. My hairdresser’s best friend, a colon hydrotherapist, happened to be at the same studio. During our conversations, the colon hydrotherapist shared what she does for work.

As strange as it sounded, I was interested in all the information she shared about colonics! My curiosity led me to her office for a session. And that first session was life-changing! I felt like I had an internal bath right inside of my digestive system! I felt a peppermint-like sensation in my belly, my body felt light and tingly, and I felt overall sensations of well-being.

This incredible experience convinced me to buy a package on the spot. After completing colonics every day for a week, my body went through a full detox. I loved the way colonics made me feel. People noticed my skin glowing. I even lost two inches around my waist! I was not doing this for weight loss, so that was an added bonus. Since that fateful experience, I no longer suffer from candida, bladder infections, IBS or constipation up to this very day!

Colon hydrotherapy healed the dis-ease in my body! Shortly thereafter, I became a colon hydrotherapist and linked colonics to my profession as an esthetician. I believe what you eat has a significant effect on your internal well-being, and how you look and feel on the outside is a direct reflection of how healthy you are on the inside.

Colonics not only removes waste and toxins from the large intestines, but also removes deeply stored, negative emotional blocks and energies rooted in the gut.  My spiritual path empowered me to let go of old mental belief patterns and anchored me in the world. My journey to trust Divine Will, to surrender and let go, has healed me mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I am committed to my internal work of awakening my truth. I offer each client a sacred space in which they feel safe enough to open themselves on all levels of their being and release anything that no longer serves them. It is my intention to serve and assist each client seeking to understand what their body might be telling them, so that they may make changes to promote self-healing through compassion and love. I look forward to working with you.