Meet Your Practitioners Part 1

Rachael Dardano – Owner, Founder and Practitioner

Have you ever just felt like life was living you, rather than living life? Meeting after meeting. Bill after bill. Grocery shopping, meals, laundry, reports.

Then, come Monday, doing it all over again.

As a single Mother of 3 daughters, I knew how to juggle life. Career, relationships (even really bad ones) and the daily grind of living the “American Dream.” Even though I was a cancer survivor, my health battles were far from over. Silently, I suffered with severe constipation, intense allergies, headaches and chronic eczema. Only 33, I woke up EXHAUSTED every day over 10 years ago. Even now, I can still remember the feeling of being lost, of being stuck. Was this is? Is THIS as good as it gets??

Exhausted. Unfulfilled. Alone.

I was corporate. My life was my work and I worked hard and I was successful. Being a driven, high-powered corporate sales executive, I spent my days working with physicians in the clinical laboratory testing and genetics world. Many of my physician clients were my friends. But no one was aware of my suffering and no one could help me. I ignored the signals my body was sending.

Finally, one day, I couldn’t ignore my body any longer. Irritated, emotional, forgetful, tired, itchy, and miserable with constipation. Holding it all together, holding it all in. Pretending that I felt great when in reality I was barely holding on.

Then, through Fate, the Universe, God, whatever you choose to call it, I found colon hydrotherapy. Afraid, but willing to try ANYTHING, I finally took a chance and booked the appointment. That day opened my world to a whole new life.

My curiosity piqued, I began further investigating all that holistic health had to offer as I began my own healing journey. I discovered connections with my choices and their effects on my health, both emotionally and physically.

The more I learned how to take care of my internal health the more I began to trust myself. It was more than the foods I was eating; it was also the thoughts I was thinking, the words I was speaking, and the company I was keeping. I began to feel rested after sleep, my itching subsided, my allergies faded away AND I began to eliminate on my own for the first time in years. What a dramatic shift! I was smiling again!

My personal journey, struggles with cancer, childhood sexual abuse, and co-dependency led to distractions and suffering which resulted in multiple health issues. Rising above these challenges, I now fully recognize the numerous benefits of taking personal responsibility for one’s lifestyle choices.

It quickly became evident that my diverse health problems, including constipation, memory issues, headaches, bloating, irritability and exhaustion, had manifested from an imbalanced body, damaged gut, and broken heart. Through colonics and cleansing protocols, as well as finding relaxation and stress management, I found my way back to health and happiness.

In 2009, I decided to return to school and learn as much as I could to help support my own heath and that of my three daughters. That journey led me to my own Internal Wisdom and to my purpose. Board-Certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Association, a certified Colon Hydrotherapist graduate from the International School of Colon Hydrotherapy, a Reiki Practitioner, and Mind-body Specialist utilizing NES Health, I utilized my successful two decade background in the clinical diagnostics industry to provide new insight into the gut-heart-brain connection for my clients and the corporations with which I work.

At Internal Wisdom we use cutting-edge technologies with established worldly traditions to meet the individual where they currently are with their health. We recognize that true health is unique to each person. We guide and match each client with his or her own unique health program. I am honored to pull from my own experiences to support and guide you to your true health, your complete happiness, and your most joyful life.