Purium’s 10-Day Athlete’s Transformation

Day 1. This morning I woke up excited for the first day of the Purium 10-day Athlete’s Transformation Cleanse.

The daily nutrition schedule includes amino acid pills to retain and build muscle, Spirulina pills for eye, skin, and ligament health, and mushroom-based pills to support healthy hormone levels. These are supplemented with a nutrition powder that is mixed into a “shake” and drank every two hours. And depending on how much exercise you get on a daily basis you can add in flex foods and meals.

Within an hour after taking my first set of pills, I no longer had hunger pain and I resisted some temptations for regular food. At 1 o’clock I drank my second shake and by 3 o’clock I still felt no hunger. My body seemed to be responding “funny”… I could feel what can only be described as an overall buzzing in my body. I had a little anger and emotional thoughts running through my head, which is somewhat unusual for me. I went rock climbing for two hours and I felt no difference in strength. I still had a lot of energy. For dinner I had my shake and my flex meal, which is the last nutritional element of the day. The flex meal was half a cup of hummus with celery and carrots paired with a tiny piece of organic free-range chicken. It was enough to make me feel full.

Day 2. I woke up today feeling pretty good.

I took my morning pills, they seem to keep hunger pains from reaching my brain. I feel less agitated today and I think it’s going to be a good day. Now it’s about 11 0’clock and I have had my shake. It is filling but I’m craving a burger right now. I feel no hunger, so it is easier to tell myself that I do not need a burger. I’m looking forward to my next shake though. I took pills around 12:30 pm. I’m still waiting on the shake and my nerves are getting higher. By 2:11 I need my shake! This cleanse is pretty crazy. I drank my shake and it keeps pulsing through my body. It feels good. Almost immediately I am no longer hungry. I am about to go rock climbing again and I feel full.

Rock climbing was good. I was pretty hungry afterwards but my energy level to workout was excellent. For my flex meal I had hummus, cucumber slices, cottage cheese and another piece of free range chicken.

Day 3. Day three started off bad.

I felt uneasy when I awoke. I also felt nausea and a headache. As soon as I took my pills I felt better, not hungry and full of energy to start the day. I then went to work and I was super agitated all day. My stress level was going off the chart, I felt as if I was going to explode at any minute. I think my body was going into shock because I haven’t ever had as much nutrition as I have packed into my body these last three days. In the early afternoon I made my vanilla chai shake and a few hours later I went on a run. The run was by far the hardest activity I have done besides rock climbing and I was exhausted. I ran for about a good mile and then I was spent. Instead of my body feeding on muscle the amino acids in my pills are designed to keep my body strictly eating fat…either way I’m ready for dinner! When I got home I cooked some wild salmon with onion and lemon. I had a tiny portion of it and went to bed. Today was the hardest day so far.

Day 4. I woke up hungrier than usual and not feeling very good.

Again like the previous morning, I took my pills and I felt better, but not one hundred percent. Once I got to work I felt agitated all day, but it was better than yesterday. So far Day 3 has been the worst. After work I headed to the climbing gym. I had a great rock climbing experience; I went harder than usual and I felt really good. For the first time, while working out, I was drinking my shake while I was climbing. I felt good and had a lot more energy despite how I was feeling earlier. I was also able to relax and catch my breath faster during exercise. Today dragged on and my body just seemed to get hungrier and hungrier, but my physical conditioning is improving quickly. So is my body. I have now lost just over 10 pounds since day 1.

Day 5. I woke up this morning not hungry at all.

Today it has been easier to concentrate. I am eating better than I ever have before in my life with the shakes and daily flex meal. My recovery time from exercise has been incredible. I don’t even feel sore from yesterday’s intense workout. Deep Blue rub is a cream I have been using on my arms as well and that has definitely been helping. I ate an egg with cottage cheese for a flex food/meal breakfast and it has helped me with my body feeling good. We went to the gym after work and I feel great, as usual. I climbed some routes I had never completed before. It was extremely gratifying to be able to push myself to my physical limits even though I was on a cleanse. I feel great and everything in my body is changing. I am becoming more in tune with how I feel every day and it’s really nice. Exercise is important to me and it’s becoming easier every day. The cleanse is definitely benefiting me more than I had expected.

Day 6. I woke up energized and with muscle soreness at a minimum.

I worked out pretty hard last night. I should have been majorly sore, but this morning I wasn’t. Today we mixed blueberries into the shake. It wasn’t very good, I would rather have eaten the blueberries separately. I also ate a baby avocado for a flex food at lunch. Today I noticed I was looking forward to my pills. That seems odd but I feel great! After work I again hit the gym. I must have gotten a little dehydrated today because I ended up drinking water until I went to bed. Today was an easy day and it’s only getting easier as time is passing. It has been a hell of a week but as I progress I tell myself it’s a piece of cake. A big part of me still can’t wait until day 10!

Day 7. Day 7 went well and I continue to feel exceptionally healthy.

The Purium products have shifted my mind and body into a better way of thinking I realize. I worked today and I replaced the water in my green drink with almond milk. It gave it a sweeter and better taste I think. Actually, it was quite delicious. After I worked I went outdoor climbing. It was scary and pretty intense at first. I had tons of energy and I didn’t feel slower in any way. The entire climbing trip was exhausting, but I wasn’t worried about losing energy out on the rocks. I feel my conditioning and muscle growth are exceeding my expectations. I had a big bowl of tomato vegetable soup for my flex meal dinner. Even though my weight has stabilized, I am liking my results a lot and feel better than I have in years.

Day 8. I woke up today not hungry at all.

I’m still excited for the cleanse to be finished but it has benefited my health and mental state in the most positive ways. Part of me misses food, even if it is just psychological. Throughout the day I found myself waiting for the pills eagerly. After work I went to the gym. I had a lot of energy but not as much as I had on days 6 & 7. I worked up a really good sweat and I felt okay after working out. I ate a lot of veggies for dinner and a piece of free range chicken. I was full when I sat down, watched a movie and passed out.

Day 9. Once you have reached day 9, it gets pretty easy.

I’m excited for tomorrow because it is the last day of the cleanse. I will compare my before and after pictures right away, knowing I’ll be pleased with the results. I was hungry this morning so I had some tuna salad without mayo or any sauce as a flex meal for breakfast. The cleanse has helped me control huge urges I’ve faced in eating my standard unhealthy breakfast. My mind feels clearer and my body feels fresh. I cannot wait until tomorrow. I plan on rock climbing after work today, should be pretty exciting to see how far I can push my body. After I went climbing I felt good, it was a nice day and I got a solid workout in. After I went to bed I had no hunger pain and it was easy to fall asleep, as it has been most of the last week.

Day 10. Day 10 is a piece of cake.

The most nutritious I have felt ever, hands down. This is the best I have looked since wrestling in high school. I am at work today and getting hungry but I feel really good. My metabolism has been on fire and moving super-fast. I feel a lot more oxygen in my blood and rich nutrients pumping through my veins. It has been a crazy ten days. I’m happy I made it. My body feels excellent, I am about to hit the gym and rock climb. I have been working really hard at the gym and seeing fast improvements with muscle growth. It just keeps getting better and better. After this program I will continue to use Purium products to help supplement my diet and add nutrition. It was a fun ten days with lots of work, and I did it all with Purium. I lost 12 pounds on the cleanse and I feel healthier and I look better than ever.