Self-Confidence: A Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Self-confidence is the belief that you can successfully perform a desired behavior (such as the perfect outfit or the mile run). There is two types of self-confidence:

  • State: In that moment of time for that event you are confident. (I look HOT for my dinner date tonight)

  • Dispositional: Someone who is confident in themselves most of the time no matter the activity.

Being dispositionally confident is very beneficial to those who maintain this quality, but for the rest of us “lesser” people who are mostly state confident here are some added motivators.

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

The psychological theory of self-fulfilling prophecy states that expecting something to occur may actually lend towards that expected event to occur (Crazy, I Know). Unfortunately, this is not always positive. Negative thoughts and emotions pose a psychological barrier that may cause these expectations of failure to actually lead to failure under most circumstances. Need more motivation to boost your confidence?

Benefits of Self-Confidence:

  • Promotes positive emotions (Such as a feeling of achievement, happiness, or sexiness)

  • Affects performance (positively and negatively)

  • Facilitates concentration

  • Affects your goals (More confidence may lead to achieving more difficult goals)

  • Increases effort (Why try if you think you are going to fail?)

Still need more convincing about the power of confidence?

Levels of Confidence:

  • Optimal: This is what we all should strive for, optimal confidence is being convinced you will achieve your goal and striving hard to do so no matter the obstacles you face.

  • Lack of Confidence: Self-doubt that creates anxiety, stress, and often leads to failure. (Yikes!)

  • Overconfidence: A false confidence, someone who doesn’t have the goods to back it up, and also tends to lead to failure.

Okay, now we know a lot about what confidence is, the types of confidence and the benefits of self-confidence, now what?

Building Self-Confidence:

Self-confidence can thankfully be built in many ways, some of these include: through performance,thinking and acting confident, using imagery, goal mapping, and preparation.

  1. Performance: Success in a given field of performance, such as soccer, will increase confidence and therefor lend to more success in the future. To obtain the first success, you have to prepare or practice over and over.

  2. Acting and Thinking Confident (Who knew?): Everyone’s thoughts, feelings and behavior are all interrelated or connected: Therefor, if a person were to act confident they will in turn begin to feel confident and the same can be said for thinking confidently, the body will follow the mind. This concept does not only apply to confidence but to all states of mind. To feel happy, simply smile and trick your brain into thinking it truly is happy!! This especially comes in handy after a loss in confidence.

  3. Imagery: Seeing yourself doing things that are difficult and performing well will also increase your confidence in your abilities.

  4. Goal Mapping: Providing a plan towards a specific goal will help you obtain the goal at hand which will in-turn boost your confidence. A plan also gives you confidence because it provides a map to know what to do and when to do it.

  5. PreparationPreparation or a plan-of-attack work much like goal mapping, providing a map to what to do. This map provides confidence while being unprepared produces anxiety.

Remember that Self-Confidence is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

What will yours be?

Ben Gamache