“We’re all just walking each other home”

Ram Dass

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Rachael Dardano – Ceo, Founder, & Practitioner

Rachael champions self- healing through self-love. Her unique coaching style inspires, empowers, and provides the tools you need to reconnect to your healing potential.

Rachael’s expertise comes from 20+ years in the clinical and genetic diagnostics industry as well as holistic studies since 2010. Rachael utilizes innovative technologies and superior nutritional support to naturally increase your quality of life. She also partners with companies like CalPERS, Intel, and Serrano Fitness Center, and collaborates with physicians and medical providers.

Employing small changes over time, Rachael teaches healthier habits so that you can access your unique wellbeing and vitality. Above all, Rachael guides you to reestablish trust in your body, your intuition, and your limitless freedom.



Sarah K. Grace – Medical Intuitive Healer

Sarah K. Grace is a powerful individual who spent over a decade merging her career as a paramedic in some of California’s busiest 911 systems with her innate gifts as a clairvoyant empath and intuitive healer. Years of studying both physical and energy anatomy allowed Sarah to apply her skills in critical settings to thousands of patients as they dealt with life and death emergencies.

Sarah now has a vibrant private practice as a highly-trained ally for clients making major life decisions. A crisis specialist, Sarah helps you move through transition easily. Whether you need to implement change and don’t know where to start, are in the middle of chaotic transition, or just want help navigating your energetic sensitivities, Sarah can help. Her guidance allows you to be confident while facing major decisions, dealing with uncertainty, and owning your personal power.

Sarah’s services:

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Mina Kumar – Colon Hydrotherapist & esthetician

Mina Devi Kumar is a Colon Hydrotherapist dedicated to helping people achieve their personal health goals. She first pursued colon hydrotherapy as a client and experienced profound internal and external healing. After experiencing her own success, she wanted to share this with others and pursued a career as a therapist. She received her Intermediate Level Certification at Internal Environment Institute in Santa Monica, California.

Mina loves the ocean, yoga, meditation and mother earth, and truly believes everything we need to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle is at our fingertips. She believes in whole-body wellness, resulting in harmony of mind, body, soul, and spirit. She takes great pride in giving you the time and attention you need with your health concerns and feels honored to help you along your journey.

Mina’s services:


jennifer jackson – emotional freedom technique (eft) / tapping specialist

Jennifer is a graduate from Yale University with a B.A. and M.A. in music.  In her first career, Jennifer spent over twenty years teaching music to children in a variety of settings. Throughout life she cycled in and out of debilitating periods of chronic insomnia and was always looking for the magic cure.

In 2011, following a particularly stressful period in her life coupled with intense insomnia, she found that energy healing was the only thing that worked. She explored hypnotherapy, polarity therapy, and finally EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), where she found true resonance.

Her focus is on helping people release the subconscious blocks that keep unwanted issues locked in place.

JENNIFER’s services:


Bree luther – shrm-scp, Executive Coach

Bree is an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council and as a seasoned Executive Coach, Business Partner, and passionate HR leader she has demonstrated a long track record of agility and ingenuity in working with high tech, start-ups, and Fortune 100 organizations as well as other sectors. Adept at drawing out authentic leadership at all levels, her integral approach to coaching leads to increased leadership, personal mastery, collaborative environments, systems thinking, improved accountability, and strengthened organizational cultures.

Bree breaks traditional coaching barriers utilizing THE METHOD which locates you in what she calls “the daily hurricane,” helping clients create new pathways for success and increased levels of resilience, interpersonal, and emotional intelligence. Her love for teaching kindles sparks of possibility by celebrating people’s strengths, drawing out their personal wisdom, and focusing on what’s important.

Bree’s services:

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JOSEPH MACCHIAVELLI – licensed acupuncterist

Joseph utilizes traditional Chinese modalities such as Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Cupping Therapy to address a wide range of health concerns. He also practices and teaches Medical Qigong, a profound Chinese subtle energy system of healing.

Joseph has been involved in the healing arts for more than twenty-five years. He holds a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California. Prior to becoming an acupuncturist, he earned a Bachelor Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and became very interested in exploring subtle energy healing technologies.

Joseph sees human health largely through the lens of bio-energy and the quantum influence of consciousness and belief. He is very grateful to his patients, his most important teachers, for the opportunity to be of service.

JOSEPH’s services:

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NATHAN JONES – CMT, Medical Massage Therapist

Nathan’s passion for healing and massage was sparked in college when the relief from his sciatic pain was gifted to him by a massage therapist. He went on to pursue an education in Bodywork, which included a standard 500-hour CMT certificate, followed by a 900-hour Associate of Science Degree in Medical Massage from Hands-On Medical Massage School. He also holds certificates in Prenatal and Hot Stone Massage, and is trained in the basics of a wide range of other modalities.

Nathan is a highly intuitive therapist with a clinical approach, able to listen to the body and respond to it on an individual, personalized level. Like any Massage Therapist, he does offer Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, but his specialty is Corrective Bodywork. He has been practicing massage since 2011, and it remains one of the single greatest passions of his life, alongside music composition, design, and fast cars.


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Teresa Landt – CMT, Massage Therapist

Teresa received her education from the National Holistic Institute of Massage here in Sacramento. She specializes in the modalities of Relaxation, Swedish, Trigger Point, and Thai massage, to name a few, and also has a keen interest in Lymphatic, Reflexology, and Shiatsu.

Teresa’s goal is to improve the quality of life for each of her clients by attentively listening to their needs, understanding their pain and discomfort, and utilizing intuitive bodywork to help relieve their tension. Through receptive empathy and open interaction, she assists to unlock the client’s integrative systems to relieve inflammation and dysfunction.

Teresa loves reading a good book, sunshine and wind on her face, the collective sound of OM in a harmonious yoga class, and cuddling with sweet, four-legged friends. She is beyond excited to walk the path with her clients towards a better body and a renewed enjoyable lifestyle.

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Sue’s passion is supporting clients on their journey to wellness. In Sue’s previous career as an educator, she refined her skills in careful listening and thoughtful response. It is Sue’s goal to employ those skills as she welcomes each individual to Internal Wisdom, intending that all clients receive personal attention, comfort and respect.

Sue continues to support and mentor educators new to the field. Additionally, she enjoys time spent with her husband and two children, and her loveable rescue dog, Dottie. She is happiest when spending time in nature, boating, reading, and dabbling in photography. Above all, Sue is an optimist who is honored to be part of the talented and dedicated staff of Internal Wisdom.



Kelley is a Performance Coach and Certified Professional Hypnotist specializing in mind and body congruency for optimal sports performance and sleep performance. She has been trained and certified in a variety of methods including Reiki, Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis and Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.  She is a graduate of the Hypnotherapy University, and the founder of Hypno-Student, a website for the practice of professional hypnotherapists.

Kelley’s coaching is empowered with the ability to turn any conversation into a hypnotic experience allowing the unconscious mind to manifest changes with little to no resistance.   While her certification in Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy can apply as easily to medical hypnosis as it does to sports hypnosis, its most appreciated for creating generative changes that continue to unfold in all areas of one’s life year after year.

Realizing the struggles and achievements each of us have experienced shape who we are today, with perspective comes empowerment.


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